Farewell To Skid Row

So I just finished a performance for one of my dream shows. It was Little Shop of Horrors. I was on the Dentist track. For my readers who may not be that much into theater, a track is a series of minor characters played by a single chorus member in successive scenes. It was 10 characters in all. Two of them were only voice overs thank God. But 10 nonetheless.



It was a really cool show to be a part of. The show was really fun honestly. I knew it would be. It has been a dream show of mine for quite some time now. Probably because it was one of the first musicals I had seen in my life. I saw this movie and liked it even before I knew I would be into theater. It is a part of my family. There are a few movies in my family that are required watching and this is one of them. The other is Labyrinth with David Bowie in terms of movie musicals. In my family we watched them all the time. At least three times a year and we reference them a lot. So once I found out it was a musical I had to do it. I always said I didn’t care where or when but if I saw auditions for this show I was going to go for it. Now the Dentist wasn’t my dream role, but boy was it right for me. Everyone kept telling me you are the Dentist and I would say no I want to be Audrey II. But after doing the show, I was wrong and everyone else was right.


My approach to the characters was simple. Everyone of them was a blank canvas. Except the Dentist. I wanted to go back to the style of Frank Luz and perform it in his spirit. The rest of them, I literally wrote down different categories: walk, build, energy, and voice. I wanted them all to have a different way of moving, talking, walking, and center that their energy flowed from. My director helped me shape them but let me really have fun and play with them at the same time.


The team was great. The stage manager was awesome. The people at the theater, the run crew, the carpenters, the painters, everyone. My cast was super dope. We didn’t have any problems which can be the a benefit of having a smaller cast. We all shared and got along well. You know the things we tell kids to do but often have a hard time doing as adults hahahahaha. This was another show full of people I have never worked with from the top to bottom.


The place we performed, Weathervane Playhouse was great. I felt embraced by the entire city of Akron performing there. We had packed houses every night. The people there really took pride in their theater, and supporting it. That was dope. Great people who showed lots of love after the show in the receiving line.

A lot of people get the after-show blues when a show closes, myself included. I think that happens because we always ask the question what next? Where do we go? Just back to work? You go from doing something that feels bigger than a job. It feels like Dreams and Purpose just to go back to doing something that feels so mundane. It’s aggravating. Ha! I’ve been blessed enough however to know what’s next this time around and that has helped a lot. Now it’s my film finally coming out after an entire year of being on the shelf. Then in the theater it’s Peter and the Starcatcher. This has been a really humbling, supporting, and blessed year for me. #OnToTheNextOne