Supporters and Haters

I got a text from my mom today that was really encouraging. I'll keep to myself what it said, but it was truly encouraging. I told her something yesterday and she must have thought about it because today she text me in the morning concerning what I told her. But the text in itself, regardless of what it said, reminded me how many people I had in my corner that want to see me win. I have a lot of support in my life. People really do ride for me. Every supporter has their limits to how and what they can support. Some people will support financially, and others will mentally. Spiritually, emotionally, with their presence, with their marketing etc. They will support you to some capacity. Yes I do have some people in this world who would rather not see me win, but the number of people who do outweighs them by a landslide. 

People will always choose what to focus on, no matter what information is presented. One thing I have learned in this journey is to focus on my supporters, not my haters. I encourage you to do the same.

We all have people who don't like us, and don't want to see us succeed, but my guess is that we all have way more people that want to see us shine. You can't afford to spend so much energy trying to prove people wrong. It's draining, and a daunting task, because no matter what you accomplish there will always be some one who has something to say. You will never prove everybody wrong, just like you will never make everyone happy. It's a lot easier to take the energy from people who love and support you and do something constructive with it.  It's also way more rewarding. I liken it to doing a show. Anyone who has ever done theater knows how exhausting it can be. But the feeling of exhaustion is completely different when you have a packed house of people clapping, laughing, and there with you in comparison to when you have an audience that doesn't do anything but sit there. That's what giving energy to a hater is like, performing to an audience that's not interested in seeing your work. Even when you are successful in that, is not as rewarding as performing to a house that loves you and your show and desperately want to see it be great.

I have also learned not to negate the part I played in how people feel about me. Is the hate you receive warranted from anyone? Did you do them wrong? Treat them wrong? Not keep your word to them? There are so many things that could've happen. But I must admit there are some things and situations I've handled wrong in my life, some people I didn't support when I should've or said I would. I've dropped the ball so many times with people. My only hope is that they can charge it to my head, and not my heart. 

So much emphasis has been put on haters these last few decade, shouts out to Katt Williams, but the truth is most of us don't really even have any haters, or at least not that much. Some of us don't even have anything to hate on if there was a person that wanted to be a hater of ours. But there is so much more strength in supporters. The people who rock with you, and encourage you, and build you up. 

I realize that when people can identify and relate to you, they really want to see you win because when you win they win. It also shows them that they can win for themselves. Being from Cleveland, I'm not ignorant to what it means to make it out to the community that saw you grow and mature in front of their eyes. It's all love their way. There will be a few haters, I'm sure of it. But with the energy you got coming your way from your supporters, you won't even feel it, if you don't focus on it. What do you chose to magnify?