Auditions for new Web-Series "Upstairs"

“Upstairs”, the newest project from Johnathon L. Jackson, will be holding auditions on Saturday, June 10th from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm and on Saturday, June 17th from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Upstairs will start principal production in Cleveland, Ohio in July of 2017 with an award winning production team whose credits range from film festivals in Los Angeles, France, Ireland, and New York, just to name a few. It is a sitcom-style web-series in the ilk of Living Single, Girlfriends, Half & Half, and The Game. "Upstairs" follows a group of guys as they try to navigate the world, women, family, and their professional lives without embarrassing themselves too much. It's a roller-coaster ride with plenty of twists, turns, and loops that are sure to keep your hands up and eyes on the screen.

A Character breakdown can be seen below. To audition, please send your headshot, resume, and reel if you have one, to Please put the audition date, and character you would like to audition for in the subject line.

If chosen, you will then receive an email with the sides, audition slot, and all other audition info.

You will receive an email either way.

If you can’t make either audition date, please inform us of that in the body of your email and we will send you sides to submit a video audition of yourself reading the sides. Thank you for your time and effort. Best of luck!

Pay is deferred, pending the conclusion of a crowdfunding campaign.

Main Characters

The Guys

  • Justin Blaylock (22-25) ROLE ALREADY CAST: Adjective - Hero. Justin is a very level and nice guy. He’s the glue in his group of friends. He’s a helper and a healer. Loves to be there for people. The one you can always talk to. Shaka’s little brother. Must be comfortable kissing on camera.
  • Shaka Blaylock ROLE ALREADY CAST (25-28): Adjective - Womanizer. Shaka is a grade A a-hole. But it’s always in love. He is very specific about what he wants. He’s the friend who tells you the truth even when you don’t want to hear it. Justin’s older brother. Must be comfortable kissing on camera.
  • Sean Daniels ROLE ALREADY CAST (22-25): Adjective - Artist. Sean is an actor who truly loves the craft. He is often conflicted about his life choices and struggles with the results of his decisions. He’s the dreamer in the group of friends. He may be unsure about everything else but acting is very clear.
  • Caleb Martin (25-28): Adjective - Prototype. Caleb is what all the guys want… eventually. He is married. He has a family. He is happy. So it seems. He has always carried the pressure of being the one to always play by the rules and do the right things. Carrying that burden has put a large weight on his shoulders that he seems to not be able to carry any longer. Must be comfortable kissing on camera.

The Girls

  • Abagail (22-25) ROLE ALREADY CAST: She is Justin’s best friend. Very sweet. She’s a part of the family and has the comfort around everybody that shows it. If Justin’s the glue for everybody else, she’s the glue for him. She is very strong, confident, and secure. Must be comfortable kissing on camera.
  • Mya (25-28): Justin’s girlfriend, who comes off very aggressive, mean, and sexy. She’s the girl whose presence is intimidating. But most of it is for show. She’s actually really broken.
  • Stacy (24-26) : Sean’s ride or die, off again, on again, girlfriend. They seem to always be “together” in some fashion. She is in a different place in her life than Sean. One that doesn’t have much room for chasing dreams. Must be comfortable kissing on camera.
  • Ciara (25-28): A woman whose personality glows when she walks in the room. She is special and you can tell by her energy. She knows more than she ever says and knows how to get people what they need without sacrificing who she is. She makes everyone better. Must be comfortable kissing on camera.

Supporting Characters

The Neighbors

  • Sam (25-28): A hilarious woman with diarrhea of the mouth. Always says the first thing that comes to her mind with no filter. She has no shame in any of it.
  • Claire (25-28): A very honest woman who loves life. But she is a little off. A little slow.
  • Regina (25-28): A know it all friend who really doesn’t know anything.
  • Shaniqua (25-28): A very strong woman who is very serious which plays well with her joker roommates.

Friends and Family

  • Momma J. (50-55): The Mother of Shaka and Justin. Think Jennifer Lewis. Loud. Obnoxious. Extremely loving. Will do anything for her kids. Can’t help but love her. *Must be African-American
  • Andre Blaylock (50-55): The father of Shaka and Justin. An imposing but humble figure. *Must be African-American
  • Ms. Simon (50-55): An old school mother *Must be African-American
  • Ari Simon (13-15) ROLE ALREADY CAST: Rebellious kid
  • Rose (25-28) : Caleb’s intuitive wife
  • Crystal (23-28) ROLE ALREADY CAST : A traditionally beautiful woman. Breathtaking. Think Eva Mendes. Must be comfortable kissing on camera.
  • Malcolm Jones (27-30): A man with it all together. Must be comfortable kissing.